Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 1 (Live Updates)

The boxing action in the 2016 Olympics is underway and we’ve got you covered with live results, scores and updates here at Boxing News and Views for the next 16 days.

Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 1

The world’s boxing Olympians have gathered for one of the most anticipated boxing tournaments in years, due to the controversy that has surrounded the boxing coming into this year’s games.

To that end, we don’t want you to miss a single result or score this year so over the next 16 days we’ll have a live update blog posted at the top of our website, along with a pinned post on Facebook and pinned Tweet on Twitter to keep you updated.

Without further adieu – here is what’s happening on the ground in Rio as regards boxing results at this year’s Olympics on day 1 of the preliminaries so far:


  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Kal Yafai of Great Britain vs Fotsala Simplice of Cameroon

Winner: Galal Yafai 3-0 

  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Patrick Lourenco of Brazil vs Yurberjen Herney Martinez of Columbia

Winner: Yurberjen Herney Martinez 3-0

  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Artur Hovhannisyan of Armenia vs Samuel Carmona Heredia of Spain

Winner: Samuel Carmona Heredia 3-0


  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Lindolfo Delgado of Mexico vs Carmine Tommasone of Italy:

Winner: Carmine Tommasone 3-0

  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Luis Cabrera of Venezuela vs Daisuke Narimatsu of Japan:

Winner: Daisuke Narimatsu 2-1

  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Berik Abdrakhmanov of Kazakhstan vs Carlos Zenon Balderas Jr. of USA

Winner: Carlos Zenon Balderas Jr. 3-0


  • Men’s Light-Heavyweight (81kg) – Mehmet Nadir Unal of Turkey vs Hassan Saada of Morocco

Winner: Mehmet Nadir Unal via walkover

  • Men’s Light-Heavyweight (81kg) – Hrvoje Sep of Croatia vs Orabi Abdelgawwad Salah of Egypt

Winner: Hrvoje Sep 2-1


  • Men’s Heavyweight (91kg) – Juan Nogueira of Brazil vs Jason Eric Whateley of Australia

Winner: Juan Nogueira 3-0

(And that’s it for the first half of the day folks! Hope you enjoyed the boxing so far. Action resumes later today at 21:00 GMT)


  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Leandro Blanc of Argentina vs Joselito Velasquez of Mexico

Winner: Joselito Velasquez 3-0

  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Mathias Tulyoongeleni of Namibia vs Rufat Huseynov of Azerbaijan

Winner: Mathias Tulyoongeleni 3-0

  • Men’s Light-Flyweight (46-49kg) – Nico Miguel Hernandez of USA vs Manuel Cappai

Winner: Nico Miguel Hernandez 3-0


  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Hurshid Tojibaev of Uzbekistan vs Hakan Eresker of Qatar

Winner: Hurshid Tojibaev 3-0

  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Charlie Coronel Suarez of the Philippines vs Joseph Cordina of Great Britain

Winner: Joseph Cordina 2-1

  • Men’s Lightweight (60kg) – Jun Shan of China vs Anvar Yunusov of Tajikistan

Winner: Anvar Yunusov 3-0


  • Men’s Light-Heavyweight (81kg) – Michel Borges of Brazil vs Hassan N’Dam of Cameroon

Winner: Michel Borges 3-0

  • Men’s Light-Heavyweight (81kg) – Erkin Adylbek of Kyrgyzstan vs Juan Carlos Carrillo of Colombia

Winner: Juan Carlos Carrillo 3-0


  • Men’s Heavyweight (91kg) – Lawrence Okolie of Great Britain vs Igor Pawel Jakubowski of Poland

Winner: Lawrence Okolie 3-0

(And that’s it for day 1 folks! See you all again tomorrow 15:00 GMT at the top of our website)

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