Kovalev v Ward Seems To Be Definitely Happening on November 19th

Kovalev v Ward is one of the most eagerly anticipated light-heavyweight collisions in modern boxing, pitting two pound for pound rated fighters against one another – in the prime of their respective careers.

The fight essentially has been agreed upon all the way back since last year, but no official date or announcement of a press tour has come just yet, as both men have stayed busy first this year (with Ward fighting again this weekend).

We spoke to Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva a number of weeks ago who told Boxing News and Views:

“Plans for the Kovalev-Ward fight have been in place for November 19th since October!  As long as both Sergey and Ward win their fights in July, they are scheduled to fight in November.”

Other reports in recent days have suggested the same but as of yet, no venue has been named, presumably awaiting the outcome of Ward’s fight this weekend first off.

Kovalev v Ward is one of those fights that comes along rarely in boxing, when you genuinely see the best fighting the best, in a hard to call 50-50 fight.

Some say that Kovalev will not have met a man with the supreme boxing skills of an Andre Ward, while others say Ward is not what he once was due to inactivity and Kovalev’s greater power will be too much for him.

That’s what makes it such a compelling fight. Everyone has a different opinion and view on how it will go on the night.

These are the fights that boxing needs as a sport.

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