The Spike O’Sullivan mankini is out in force again as he looks to pursue a showdown with UK middleweight Anthony Ogogo.

In a bit of more light-hearted boxing news this morning, Irish middleweight Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan has posted a rather revealing video of himself online getting out of his car and marching into Subway.

In typical O’Sullivan humour, he goes guns blazing into a public Subway with zero fear and gets prompted by the cashier that Sauerland “had called” and that Ogogo had went “running” in a certain direction.

In an era where boxing call outs are getting more creative due to the advent of social media, this hyping of a fight here by Gary is certainly ‘creative’ – to say the least!

O’Sullivan (22-2-15ko) last fought in December when he was defeated by Chris Eubank Jr inside the distance, while Ogogo (11-0-7KO) referred to as the ‘Dancing Queen’ by Spike, last fought in June when he defeated Croatian Frane Radnic.

Here’s Gary’s latest call out of Ogogo (via IFL TV YouTube):

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