Watch: Leo Santa Cruz vs Frampton Full Fight Review

It was an epic battle, a toe to toe affair of the finest order for a world title fight. In case you missed it, lets take a look back for a second.

The Santa Cruz vs Frampton full fight over the 12 rounds caused a lot of difficulty for fans and pundits alike when it came to the scoring of the fight.

There were some rounds that really could have went either way in a classic case of what you like in terms of the cleaner, more powerful and accurate shots of Frampton vs the slightly higher punch output and work rate of Santa Cruz.

Both men invested into full blooded shots early on into the fight and as the bout progressed, many thought that the action would have to slow down inevitably such was it’s ferocity.

It didn’t though. It just kept giving and giving and giving, to the delight of fight fans in attendance in New York and for those watching at home around the world.

Frampton was moving up to featherweight for the first time and many questioned how he would deal with the bigger, longer Santa Cruz.

He dealt with this beautifully at times, though, through excellent footwork and distance control that many a time saw Santa Cruz’s shots falling well short of the mark.

At featherweight Frampton looked to be a much stronger fighter, even more explosive and had plenty of gas in the tank to boot.

Beating a three weight, undefeated world champion in his home country is no small feat and because of this, we have placed Frampton in at number 10 in our August pound for pound rankings.

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