World Champ Terry Flanagan Makes Brilliant Kind Gesture For Fans

World Champ Terry Flanagan puts his WBO lightweight title on the line in Cardiff and has gone the extra mile for his fans ahead of tonight’s fight.

Often times in boxing you hear fan criticism online directed at boxers and promoters alike for treating the sport of boxing too much as a business, wanting too much money and not making fights happen because of financial reasons.

People forget that it’s a short career for professional boxers who are exactly that, ‘professional’ athletes, who’s job it is to fight for money and entertain the public.

It’s arguably one of the very hardest ways imaginable to earn a living, when you think about it.

Going out in front of a stadium full of strangers, half naked, risking your pride and health, standing in front of another highly trained man who’s job is to do damage to you physically in public, often on TV.

Because of this, it makes it even more impressive when you hear stories like this week’s one on Manchester’s Terry Flanagan and helps makes you understand just how special a sport boxing can be sometimes, and also how kind and stand up individuals professional boxers really are.

This week Flanagan made a gesture of not only personally buying 200 tickets for some of his loyal fans from his hometown of Manchester to watch tonight’s show in Cardiff, that will also feature WBA super-bantamweight world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux  but he also paid for their travel down from Manchester to Cardiff, Wales.

Hats off Terry Flanagan.