Terry Flanagan Dominates Frustrating Fana To Retain WBO Title

WBO lightweight World Champion Terry Flanagan retains title in Cardiff.

Terry Flanagan (31-0-12KO) opened up his latest title defence tonight with a solid start, although his opponent proved to be a tricky customer.

Mzonke Fana had some decent success of his own early on behind his southpaw stance, particularly in the third round.

However the fourth round brought about an explosive moment, when Flanagan out of nowhere caught Fana with a short left hand to the temple scoring a knockdown, despite Fana’s protests afterwards.

A 10-8 round for Flanagan for sure, although he developed a fairly vicious looking cut and welt on his cheek bone that appeared to have been caused by a clash of heads.

Flanagan’s uppercut was proving to be a beautiful punch in the mid rounds, although the 6th round was to be a big one for South African champion Fana, who boxed beautifully and was becoming a difficult, awkward target for Flanagan to hit, largely down to dipping his head low.

Flanagan detonated a massive left hand bomb of an uppercut on Fana in the 8th, who astonishingly managed to remain up right, some how.

The champion coasted the last few rounds in dominant fashion, dropping Fan again in the 12th, this time with a right hand – on route to winning ultimately a one sided unanimous decision.

He certainly gave value and effort for his loyal fans, as he always does, particular after paying for a number of their tickets and travel expenses prior to tonight’s fight.

Fana just proved to be a tough stylistic opponent, who was hard to catch cleanly.

An all British world title unification between Flanagan and fellow Manchester native Anthony Crolla would be the ideal fight that British fans would want next, although it remains to be seen if it can get made with both fighters boxing on different television stations.

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