World Champion Terence Crawford has had an extraordinary journey in life and in the ring on route to becoming the pound for pound rated, supreme boxing talent he is today.

WBC and WBO super-lightweight champion of the world Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (28-0-20KO) returns to the ring later this month when he puts his titles on the line against Ukraine’s undefeated Victor Postol (28-0-12KO) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on July 23rd.

Many see Crawford’s success now, at the top of his profession, regarded by many within the boxing world as one of it’s most gifted fighting sons.

But not many know the back story and early career on route to building up this top notch, well deserved reputation.

Crawford, who hails from Omaha in Nebraska, like many fighters started things off rough in life as a youngster, frequently getting in fights that helped forge his combative nature early on, that has now served him so well in the ring.

Terence almost lost his life at one stage when in a crazy situation in the streets, he was shot in the head. But Crawford like he’s always done, survived, and afterwards decided to change his lifestyle and dedicate himself to his craft on a more frequent basis.

Between being a talented amateur and an now elite level professional, the folks at HBO (credit) have released a truly brilliant short documentary on the Crawford story ahead of his next bout later this month.

For any boxing fan, this is a must watch. Enjoy:

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