Whyte Vows To KO Allen, Allen Promises Bombs

A domestic heavyweight battle with the clash of styles and needle necessary to create a barnstormer.

After months of heated exchanges on social media, Whyte issued a challenge to Allen’s manager at last week’s press conference – one that was accepted over the weekend by the Sheffield man’s team.

The pair will get in the ring in Yorkshire for the vacant WBC International strap – but both men say that there’s more at stake than the belt and there’s no way the fight can go the distance.

Speaking on the fight, Whyte said:

“He’s been shouting my name for ages now so he’s got to step up – he’s going to get KO’d on July 30. He said that he’s 100 per cent convinced he can beat me – so we’ll see. I just want to get in there and have a fight with a Heavyweight that’s going to come and have a go, so I hope he backs it up.”

Allen was quoted as saying:

“This isn’t about belts and titles, it’s about bragging rights – I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. We’re going to stick it on each other and there’s no way that it’s going to go 12 rounds – it’s going to be chin down and bombs away, let’s see who is the last man standing.”

(Images source and credit: Dillian Whyte and Dave Allen Twitter)

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