The Frustration of Being a GGG Fan

After the recent announcement that Canelo Alvarez is to challenge Liam ‘Beefy’Smith for the WBO Championship on September 17 Golovkin has been left to ponder whether he will ever find himself matched against an opponent that will take him to the next level of super stardom.

For fans, it’s extremely frustrating to see all these potential big fights fail to materialise for Golovkin, so one can only imagine the frustration he must be feeling himself.

This latest episode with Canelo has left a bad taste in many a fan’s mouth, as Canelo who could have done the exact same as Cotto and not paid his sanctioning fees for the WBC title, was insistent that he wanted to fight Golovkin next.

This was illustrated by him going as far as to call Golovkin into the ring after his contest with Amir Khan at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and growl:

“Right now I will put the gloves on again and fight him.”

Alas, it was an empty boast and Canelo just like many others before him, vacated his WBC Middleweight title.

If any good came out of this at all, it was that Canelo has at last dropped back to 154;bs, thus ending the ridiculous 155;bs demand on his opponents and has left Golovkin to once again scratch his head and wonder what he has to do to get these guys in the ring.

Are they scared? By Golovkins own admission:

“I’d feel my power, and I would be scared.”

You really have to believe these guys just don’t want to share a ring with this man. The top men currently in his division Jacobs, Quillin and Saunders are all asking for more money than Golovkin himself has ever earned, which basically means they just don’t fancy it unless the risk matches the reward.

So where to now for what I can only describe as the most feared man in boxing since a young Mike Tyson rampaged through the Heavyweight division?

Well, critics in the background will mention the WBA Super Welterweight Champion Erislandy Lara wants it, but would Golovkin get the credit for beating a man from a lighter division?

Eubanks Jr and his promoter is currently making a lot of noise about wanting the fight but then Golovkin has seen this many times before.

It might be that Gennady Golovkin (35-0-32KO) owner of the highest knockout percentage in middleweight title history at just over 90%, has to answer some of his critics and ‘dare to be great’ by stepping up and taking on the giant 6 ft 2 1/2 inch 168 pound undefeated WBO Champion Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez.

Maybe then he will receive the credit his efforts and talent truly deserves.

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