Watch: Tyson Fury Slams Hitler Comparison By Klitschko

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has had a strong response to some alleged comments made by Wladimir Klitschko pertaining to comparisons between Hitler and Fury.

On a day where the world of politics seems to be everywhere on the internet following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union dubbed as ‘Brexit’, it appears politics have even managed to find there way into the boxing world.

Klitschko in recent days said that some of Tyson Fury’s recent comments “sounded like Hitler” and Fury has not taken kindly to this, pointing out some historical facts to Klitschko on his Instagram account this morning.

The fight between the two is fast approaching on July 9th at the Manchester Arena, with this latest war or words adding to the already intriguing fight where many, including this writer, are wondering what tactics Wladimir might employ on the night that were different from the first fight.

The school of thought is that an older fighter can’t change his spots or in this case fight style, but in some regards this is exactly what Wladimir may need to do to force Fury into a fight where he could potentially hurt his English counterpart.

For the meantime however, here is what Tyson has had to say online this morning on Klitschko’s recent Hitler comparison:

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