Thomas Hearns vs Roberto Duran took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the way it ended in such conclusive, dramatic fashion, shocked many a boxing fan at the time.

Two legends of the ring were to collide for the WBC super-welterweight title held by Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Hearns – who indeed lived up to his nickname on the night.

Duran seemed a little subdued compared to his usual self as he entered the ring, a man known for the almost electrical electrical crackle coursing through his Panamian veins as he readied himself for battle, was instead more of a docile character as the announcer called out his name.

What was to ensue was a spectacular 154lbs knockout, that has since gone down in the boxing history books.

Despite the fact the knockout came out of the blew and quite early on, we thought it would be apt to share the full fight video as opposed to just the knockout, to show what led up to the definining moment.

Thirty two years ago today:

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