Report: Muhammad Ali on Life Support

Muhammad Ali on life support during the biggest fight of his life in an American intensive care unit.

Muhammad Ali’s condition in recent days has been reported as a serious respitory problem which has further been complicated by his Parkinson’s disease that he was diagnosed with during the 1980’s.

This sad news has had a profound impact on not just boxing fans all around the world, but many others who were inspired and touched by this great man’s sporting achivements and considerable impact on human culture.

It is been reported by The Mirror that Ali’s family and children have been flown in from different parts of the US to the hospital where the former heavyweight champion is currently at, with doctors at this particular time fearing the worst and not certain how long Muhammad might have left.

One thing is certain though during this sad time, Muhammad Ali is a fighter and will fight through these medical problems as couragesely as any human being on the planet possibly could.

At this time everyone at Boxing News and Views would like to pass on our thoughts and prayers to Muhammad Ali, his family and friends.

Here’s a quick look back at a fight in Ali’s boxing career that has become inshrined in sports history that boxing fans will remember fondly:

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