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Legendary UK boxing warrior Nigel Benn’s son Conor came through his second professional contest in Scotland tonight.

The fight got off to a whirlwind start, with Benn engaging his opponent Luke Kelleher in a toe to toe exchange in the opening three minutes, that saw heavy leather landed on both sides.

The second round was more of the same, scrappy at times but nonetheless exciting action, with Benn perhaps getting the edge over a Kelleher who by this point looked to be feeling the power of Benn.

The third round initially saw Kelleher slowing down but as the midway point came about, he came back to life and landed some eye catching left hooks and one right hand in particular.

Benn returned fire of his own and possibly just edged the round for me on work rate, in what was a scrappy affair.

The fourth and final round went to Benn for me, who showed a bit more class than his opponent, but massive credit must go to Kelleher for his incredible display of toughness – who lost on points in the end but gained the respect of many.

Benn perhaps looked a bit wild which is understandable in only his second pro fight, where the 19 year old super-lightweight will surely have learned a great deal with such a live opponent so early in his career.

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