Mayweather’s Boxing Brain Still Hardwired Promotionally

Despite the Las Vegas native’s absence from the sport as an active fighter he continues to be a permanent fixture in it’s media circuit.

Floyd Mayweather by all accounts isn’t permanently retired, with many in the sport believing he will inevitably, make one final comeback to the ring in a bid to reach that all elusive 50-0 record and landmark.

When it will be or if it will be in a type of spectacle boxing match with UFC star Conor McGregor however, is still up for debate.

What occurred to me recently though, on the Mayweather-McGregor talk, is that Floyd is still Floyd.

His hyping up of a possible showdown with the mixed martial artist and staying “relevant” in the media, represents to me a continuation of the promotional awareness that he’s always exhibited, ever since he made the decision to leave Top Rank and Bob Arum and go out on his own.

Arum once referred to Mayweather as a “megalomaniac” on Sports Illustrated:

From trash talking, to controversial social media posts, to evoking negative emotions from mainstream sports fans to tune in to see him lose, Mayweather has always had a hardwired promotional brain.

He’s an athlete and indeed character, who seems to always evolve and be willing to move with the times in this sense.

For that reason, it didn’t surprise me earlier in the year when it was mooted that his boxing promotional stable Mayweather Promotions are planning to hook up with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom outfit in the UK, a boxing geography that has a lot of world champions at present.

Mayweather, ever the opportunist – always looking for that next big thing.

But if 2016 is to be the year we see Mayweather try to break Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0 that he currently sits on a tie with, it might also be the year we see his boxing promotional career kick off a little bit more.

My hunch is that former business associate and close friend Richard Schaefer (Golden Boy Promotion’s ex CEO) will hook up in some shape or form with Mayweather Promotions.

Schaefer and Mayweather are known to have a close relationship going back a number of years, having formed a strong business tie following many of Mayweather’s previous pay per view success that Golden Boy worked on and were a part of.

If Mayweather were to bring Schaefer on board at Mayweather Promotions you might see a legitimate new boxing force form in the States promotion-wise, to rival the existing powerhouses whom currently reside at the top of the sweet science.

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