Report: Mayweather Offers McGregor $50 Million For A Boxing Match

The Mayweather-McGregor story has taken a new twist, with an apparent cash offer being tabled towards UFC mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor.

Footage recently was leaked of the Irish UFC star in boxing sparring with professional boxer Chris Van Heerden, adding further juice to the mounting speculation that he will indeed be taking on Mayweather in a type of boxing match, or freak show to some.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to deny that people wouldn’t watch a combative showdown between the two, given their large public notoriety, considerable achievements within their respective sports, and perhaps more so than anything, their equally considerable personalities.

The pre-fight trash talking and hype could verge on the ridiculous, if indeed it is to happen.

According to latest reports from TMZ, Mayweather after recently confirming he thinks the fight will happen live on air, supposedly has offered $50 million dollars to McGregor to take the fight – with a rumored date of New Year’s Eve this year in Las Vegas floating around for when and where it could take place.

UFC boss Dana White recently said that if McGregor was to take the fight that Mayweather would need to contact him first, more or less confirming that any such spectacle will only happen with the UFC’s blessing and more than likely, a revenue share in from any such event taking place.

Here’s a fairly funny clip put together by one Twitter user of how a mythical match-up between the two men might go down:

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