Chris Eubank Jr Wants To Fight GGG, How Would He Fare?

Chris Eubank Jr earlier this week announced that he had signed a new promotional contract with promoters Matchroom Sport, and now it looks like he is taking his boxing ambitions to a new level.

Following the signing of a new agreement during the week, Eubank Jr has come out and said that he is willing to fight the much feared middleweight knockout artist Gennady Golovkin.

But how ready would Jr really be for ‘GGG’ at this stage of his career?

With ongoing talks between Golovkin and Canelo to get a mega fight made at 160lbs this year, it is unlikely that Eubank Jr will have the opportunity to lay a glove on Golovkin in 2016, with a more realistic time frame probably being next year in 2017.

However this is boxing, where predicting what will happen is perhaps not far off calculating probability similar to that of buying a winning lottery ticket.

Under Matchroom Sport there is no doubting that Jr will have an excellent platform to get his brand out there more with their current Sky Sports broadcast deal, as well as having an opportunity to be matched well.

But I just can’t help but feel at this point that a fight with Golovkin could end in rather destructive fashion for the Brighton man.

Don’t get me wrong, Eubank Jr is an entertaining fighter who comes forward, has fast hands and for me, some of his uppercuts that he’s been perfecting in recent fights have become a genuinely brutal weapon that can be utilized against most middleweights out there.

But Golovkin isn’t most middleweights. He’s a highly adept mover, as well as hitter. And Eubank Jr is there to be hit.

Styles make fights in boxing, as we all know, and I feel that Eubank Jr’s style would be absolutely tailor made for Golovkin – a man who knows how to cut off the ring, move in and out of range in almost the blink of an eye, break opponents up with a devastating jab and finish as good as anyone in the game.

I’d give current WBO titlist Billy Joe Saunders more of a chance than Eubank Jr against Golovkin, because of his speed of foot, head movement and side to side lateral movement.

But having said that as long as it would last, I could see a Golovkin vs Eubank Jr fight being one hell of a shoot out, with Eubank Jr possibly having just about a solid enough chin to sustain four or five rounds of brutality.

Speaking to Sky Sports this week, Eubank Jr’s father and manager Chris Eubank senior is adamant his son would beat Golovkin:

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