Amir Khan Deserves Respect For The Risk He Took Against Canelo

The boxing world is still in full debate mode following what was arguably one of the most devastating knockouts in recent memory, and an almost certain contender for knockout of the year.

Despite Amir Khan getting off to a good start against Canelo in their WBC middleweight championship, that for my money saw him winning the opening three rounds, Canelo managed to find his groove as the fight progressed and by round 6 – this baseball bat style right hand exploded on the chin of Khan to close the show:

The knockout caused waves across the boxing world and to a degree, I felt a little bit for Khan when I came across some of the genuine happiness that many took in seeing him in such a bad way, in a state on the ground.

Thankfully, he got up to his feet with his health appearing to be fine, and it was great to see Canelo show excellent sportsmanship to him after inflicting such a violent ending to the fight.

I thought Virgil Hunter made an excellent point in the post-fight interview, when he highlighted the considerable risk that his charge had taken in moving up multiple weight divisions to fight such a stronger foe.

When you think about how little risk fighters take anymore at the highest level in boxing, in terms of catch-weights being made more often than many would like, big fights not getting done for one reason or another and politics that often come into play from the boxers’ handlers more often times than not, the fact Khan had the balls to challenge a guy like Canelo at middleweight, warrants massive credit in my opinion.

It’s easy to criticize for people that never put things on the line in their lives, take the safe option or easy way out all the way through their lives.

But men like Khan are not like that. Not at all.

He’s consistently faced and (wanted to face) the best competition available to him in his career, and for that, he deserves a hat tip.

As the great Muhammad Ali once said:

“He who is not courageous enough to take risk in life will accomplish nothing in life.”

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