Mayweather McGregor Fight Sensationally In The Works For This Summer

It’s not very often that you come across this level of combat sports news in your typical working day as a boxing journalist, but this one, well, it could be big.

UFC star Conor McGregor and former pound for pound boxing great Floyd Mayweather have previously traded words with one another on social networks in the past, but it appears that talk might now be transforming into an actually reality of a fight very soon.

According to news coming out of The Sun in the UK, apparently talks are at an advanced stage of negotiations for a boxing match to take place between the two this summer in Las Vegas.

Supposedly, Mayweather was none too pleased with previous remarks made by McGregor on social media and with Mayweather set to make a return to the boxing ring, McGregor appears to be on his hit list before he takes on a top level boxer.

Mayweather has been retired for some time since his last fight with Andre Berto, which he won – but many within the boxing game suspected he would make a return at some point to pursue the elusive 50-0 record.

I don’t think anyone expected news like this however, although no official confirmation from either party has been made yet, leaving both UFC and boxing fans eagerly watching on for latest developments.

McGregor was recently pulled from UFC 200 after failing to comply with press obligations and it is unclear if he would need to actually leave the UFC all together contractually to allow for a potential Mayweather fight to take place.

Here’s an excellent little promo video by the folks at GoatBoxing portraying these two extroverted, flamboyant and highly controversial fighting characters:

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