Tyson Fury Says He Will Retire After Klitschko Fight

The lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World is due to rematch former undisputed champion Wladimir Klitschko this summer at the Manchester Arena.

Fury has always been a candid chap, never one to mince words, always speaking his mind, but sometimes it is perhaps a bit difficult to gauge just how serious he is when talking about different things.

Sometimes it just looks like he’s having a bit of banter in interviews and isn’t particularly taking questions seriously, but this past weekend in an interview with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, the heavyweight champion sincerely came across about hanging up the gloves soon and also as been genuinely sick of boxing:

“To be honest with ya I’m well sick of boxing to be honest. Like I say it’s going to be my last fight I think, s*** or bust. All or nothing.”

He added:

“Ya well I mean it it’s s*** or bust, all or nothing, that’s what I mean. All chips are in. As you say in poker we’re all in. So I’m all in. It’s going to be my last fight win, lose or draw I reckon. I just can’t be f***** with it, that’s the truth.”

It’s hard to know how to take these comments, but he definitely came across as someone who was really fed up.

But then again, that might just be his personality – where he admitted recently that some days he is up and other days he is down.

If he were to beat Klitschko again and a big money fight with Anthony Joshua was on the table afterwards, it would be hard to see Fury turning down such a mega fight one would imagine.

But time will tell.

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