Big John Fury, is there a more Genuine Character in Boxing at the moment?

If you’re a fan of honesty, straight talking and home truths in boxing, you will know Tyson Fury’s father John Fury has been a welcome addition to the boxing scene since returning to the picture in his son’s career.

After serving time for a prison sentence that stemmed from a street fight, John Fury comes across as a man who has really turned his life around and is a reformed character.

Tyson is still trained by head coach and uncle Peter Fury, but his father John has been seen at many different media appearances in recent times by his son’s side.

From listening to him speak about how main stream media has not fully given Tyson the credit he deserves since his heavyweight title win in Germany, I have to agree with him.

His candid words are not just that of a father for his son, but also as a man who looks to me to be a realist, an individual who simply calls it as he sees it, and tells it as it is.

We covered some of the media’s belittlement of Tyson’s achievement not long after he won the title, but the problem seems to still persist and if anything, is an underlying subject that is just not being discussed regularly enough.

The issue has perhaps been compounded by Anthony Joshua’s recent win of the IBF heavyweight title (a belt stripped from Fury last year) in that, although it was an excellent win and brilliant for boxing overall, some sections of the press seem to want to already paint Joshua as the new heavyweight champion of the world since.

From a marketability sense, perhaps Joshua makes for better headlines, but is important to realise that although he is an outstanding talent and does own one version of the recognised heavyweight titles, he is still very much a man learning his trade and to call his recent fight with Charles Martin worthy of a heavyweight championship of the world might be stretching, it if we are being really honest with ourselves.

That’s not to take anything away from Joshua mind you, he can only beat who is put in front of him. But when Tyson’s father John speaks of urging the media and the public to give his son just a little bit more respect, I think he’s right to be fair.

Simply put, Tyson Fury beat the previously recognised undisputed heavyweight champion of the world only last November, a man (Klitschko) who had not been beaten in a decade, and Fury is the current holder of the Ring Magazine, WBO, WBA (super) and IBO heavyweight straps and in the eyes of people who know their boxing, is the real, lineal heavyweight champion of the world – until someone beats him.

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