Chris Eubank Jr Asked Shocking Question By Channel 4 Reporter

Boxing has been in the limelight for mainstream media in recent days following the tragic Nick Blackwell injury sustained last weekend following a fight with Chris Eubank Jr. After the fight, one media member asked a rather disgraceful question to Chris Eubank Jr this week.


The interview gets off to a fairly rough start to begin with, with Channel 4’s Matt Frei clearly with his line of questioning showing he doesn’t particularly fully understand the sport of boxing.

Since airing this week, the interview has been lambasted by boxing fans the world over for it’s poor standard of journalism, and almost attempt to put the sport of boxing in a bad light.

At the end of the interview, Frei disgracefully asks (during a time where Nick Blackwell is in hospital):

“If you had the choice of having Nick Blackwell in perfect health, he didn’t have to have an induced coma or, holding on to your belt – which would it be?”

Eubank Jr rightly refused to answer the question and wished Blackwell a full recovery during a time in which his family would like privacy while Nick recovers.

Here’s the full interview from Channel 4:

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