WATCH: Chris Eubank vs Nick Blackwell Stoppage (Horrific Ending)

Chris Eubank Jr won a highly entertaining middleweight battle with Nick Blackwell last night, but full credit must be given for the bravery displayed by Blackwell.

Chris Eubank vs Nick Blackwell

Chris Eubank vs Nick Blackwell proved to be a dark moment for boxing in 2016. A brutal and stark reminder of the dangers that the sport can pose still to this day.

Eubank ultimately won the British middleweight title in a real classic battle on Channel 5. A fight that had everything boxing fans crave for – action, excitement, blood and guts.

Eubank (22-1-17KO) was made to work hard for this win however. Blackwell proved to be an incredibly tough foe on the night.

The end eventually came in the 10th round when after the doctor entered the ring ring to examine a severe cut and welt over Blackwell’s left eye.

It was decided that the bout should be stopped.

Eubank Jr said after the fight that perhaps the contest could have been stopped a little sooner. But he praised his courageous opponent who was taken to hospital following the fight.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views passes on our best wishes to Nick Blackwell and wish him a speedy recovery.

(Article update – Nick Blackwell thankfully went on to make a full recovery following the below).

Here’s the moment the fight was stopped last night, in the final round of an epic encounter. Hat tip to Boxing Purists for the upload.

(Chris Eubank vs Nick Blackwell stoppage)