Watch: Roy Jones Knocks Out Fan

Renowned WWE commentator Jim Ross called the fight, in what more a spectacle than a boxing show in all honesty.

Some of our readers might remember that we reported a while back that Roy Jones was actually going to take on a fan in a fairly unusual contest.

The deal essentially was a spectator would have a chance to pocket $100,000 if he could beat Roy Jones Jr in a boxing match.

We didn’t actually expect it to happen and presumed someone would step in from an Athletic Commission to stop it.

But happen it did…

Roy Jones Jr delivered a 2nd round knockout to the hopeful fan – as you might have expected.

Here’s what ensured and the moment Jones landed:

The fan had earned his right to step into the ring with the legendary boxer in a competition before the bout.

A short chopping right hand counter was enough to remind him however of the brutal reality of stepping in the ring with a boxing legend.

By all accounts, the fan wasn’t just a ‘fan’ so to so speak.

Apparently he had some mixed martial arts experience and also some amateur boxing experience.

Make of it what you will.

Purists of the sport and indeed fans of Roy Jones Jr himself probably had mixed opinions on the whole thing in the end.