Watch: Amir Khan Speed At 155lbs Still Looks As Fast As Ever

Amir Khan will step up an entire two weight classes in May when he challenges Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez for the WBC middleweight title, but the UK man’s speed still looks as blistering as ever.


Stepping up two weight categories at once has proven to be a hard task for many fighters over the years.

Usually a boxer would move up a weight division one by one, not two weights straight away, with this move being testament to the bravery and courage of Khan.

Some pundits are speculating that Canelo could weigh up to a colossal 185lbs on the night after re-hydration, which would give him a hugely considerable weight advantage over Khan when the first bell rings.

Thus, Khan’s main weapon in the bout will be his hand and foot speed, which have always been extremely sharp, with his hand speed in particular being credited as some of the fastest in world boxing.

There has been concerns moving up to 155lbs could have a detrimental effect on this precocious speed, although a recent video has emerged which would make you think twice about that notion.

We’ll let you decide with two of the following clips. Firstly, here’s Amir Khan shadow boxing recently during a video shoot via AGN:

Also, here’s another recent video by ES News showing Khan’s hands to be as quick as ever, as the Bolton man puts on a rapid punching display for the camera:

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