Watch: Virgil Hunter Defends Amir Khan’s Chin

UK boxer Amir Khan’s ability to take a punch at the top level of boxing has always been questioned by pundits and fans alike, but his respected trainer Virgil Hunter feels criticism of the Bolton man’s chin might be a bit over the top.


Punch resistance is a quality needed by professional boxers more so than amateur fighters, given the more physically demanding nature of pro boxing. That much we do know.

Amir Khan has been knocked down many times in his professional career, in different weight divisions and against fighters of different levels – both domestically in the UK and on the world level in various bouts he’s had.

Many are concerned that the jump up of Khan of two entire weight categories to face WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez in May will lead to problems with Khan’s ability to take such heavy blows from a man who could very well outweigh him by 15-20lbs on the night (after re-hydration post-weigh in).

No one can question the heart, bravery and courage of Amir Khan though, despite what any critics may say about his chin and ability to take a punch.

Speaking in an interview recently with Fight Hype, Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter touched on the Amir Khan chin subject:

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