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A UK Cinderella Man Looking To Defy The Odds Again

Aiming to become a two-weight Southern Area champion on the packed Goodwin Promotions show titled Crunch Time at London’s York Hall, Ben ‘The Entertainer’ Day (8-0-1) gave Boxing News & Views an exclusive interview just 24 hours ahead of his fight.


The 37-year-old gave up his Southern Area super-lightweight title to challenge Floyd ‘Pacman’ Moore (12-6-1) for his lightweight version tomorrow night at the York Hall in a bid to become a two-weight Southern Area titlist.

Just hours ahead of the tantalising showdown, Ben sat down to talk exclusively with Boxing News and Views, here’s what he had to say:

After the long training camp starting before Christmas, how are you feeling?

“I’m wonderful! I weighed in at 9st 6 ½lbs which is only 2 ½lbs off the super-featherweight limit! That’s all down to my nutrition. I know every fighter says it but it’s the best camp they’ve ever had but it is the best camp I’ve had! I’ve been around other professional boxers in camp and I’ve done more than any other professional fighter has done.

I know that as a fact, no one’s done it as clean and as good and me. If they’re doing five, then I’m doing 10. For me, it’s like a stall which has got three legs and they are training, nutrition, and rest. If one of them legs is broken, the stool falls down. I’ve done everything right. Where was I over Christmas? Training at high altitude in the Swiss alps.”

Most are seeing this as a 50-50 fight, is that fair to say?

“Couldn’t give two shits! It’s just opinions and I’m not looking for people’s opinions, I’m looking to win fights and work towards the British title. It sounds quite nice to hear but it’s just words. I told everyone from day one.”

Topping the bill again, is there added pressure as the main attraction?

“It never entered my mind until you brought it up, thanks mate! Pressure turns into excitement, for me. Here’s a story, I was sitting there at York Hall in 2008 watching Ted Bami and Michael Lomax in Prizefighter, thinking would I ever box here one day and now he’s [Lomax] in my corner!”

Will this fight go the distance?

“I don’t know. If the stoppage is there, I’ll take it but I’ve also got the fitness to take it to the later rounds. Not many opponents make eye contact with me at the weight ins – no names mentioned.”

How does it feel to be part of RJ’s team?

“Basically, what I like about RJ is that he treats me as equal, being a bit older and a business owner with responsibilities, I can’t have someone saying, ‘do this and do that’, because I can’t be everywhere all of the time but

he knows that I’m working and running a business and I’m getting better and better. It’s exactly what you said, it’s like being part of a family. Everyone helps each other out. For this camp, I’ve separated myself from my gym in London, I’ve sparred there a couple of times in the early mornings but I’ve kept it separate.”

What will winning this fight mean to you?

“The thing is, I’ve already won it, I’ve got a Southern Area title so I’ve got nothing to prove. I was thinking the last few days that I am 75 per cent Ben Day and 25 per cent boxing, whereas previously it was the other way around. I love life more and this is great when you achieve these things and get there, but once you get it, you think, ‘is that it?’ 

It’s not as important as you think it is when you actually get it. It means everything but then it’s not the be all and end all being two weight Southern Area champion, life is more important. Listen to me now; I will do it. Everyone should put their houses on me.

Not many people make eye contact with me. I think because they know what I’ve been through in life and they would never ever see any kind of give up or weakness.”

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