Amir Khan Piling On Weight – Is Canelo Match Too Big A Jump Up?

There has been numerous images circulating of a fleshier, more bulked up version of Amir Khan in recent days, leading to some questioning is the jump from welterweight to 155lbs too much a step for the talented former world champion?


There’s no doubt that Khan’s speed is going to be his main ally in his next fight with Mexican boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez, with the Englishman’s fast hands and feet definitely being superior to his upcoming opponent’s.

But the question is, will he still be the lightning fast Amir Khan that everyone knows?

Recent pictures (including the one above) have shown Khan to be looking very bulky ahead of the highly anticipated WBC middleweight title showdown.

Many have pointed to how Khan’s game plan will more than likely be similar to the one Floyd Mayweather adopted in his win a few years back over Alvarez, where the young Mexican barely landed a glove on the more mobile Mayweather.

However, with the size that Khan has being putting on ahead of the bout, will he be able to be mobile enough to execute a similar tactical strategy to Mayweather, who was of course, in a league of his own for boxing IQ also.

It remains to be seen.

But plaudits must be afforded to the ultra brave Khan for stepping up an entire two weight classes for this fight with Canelo, and for not letting there be a re-hydration clause in the contract after the two weigh-in before the fight – which could mean that Canelo could be up to 170lbs plus by the time he steps in the ring with Khan.

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