Male Boxers Will Not Wear Headgear At 2016 Olympics

In a move to further bring the amateur code and professional discipline within the sport of boxing closer together, the AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Associations) have had the rule of wearing a protective head guard (for men) completely abolished at the Olympics ahead of the upcoming Games in Rio.


The move has come after the Olympic Committee (who have the ultimate say in matters of the Olympics) ratified the AIBA’s request.

It is understood however that female boxers will still continue to wear the head guards at this year’s Olympics.

Wearing protective head gear for boxers in the Olympics goes back all the way to 1984 at the LA based Games in the States, so it will be the first time in 32 years fans will no longer see male boxers at the Olympics competing with head gear.

The decision was ultimately made based on health and technical findings that the AIBA carried research out on, which was then presented to the Olympic Committee.

Their findings reportedly found that male boxers by not wearing head gear actually decreased the chances of boxers suffering concussions, according to their research.

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