Despite the bitter back and forth verbal exchanges between team Frampton and Quigg in the build up to their 122lbs title fight, the respect between the two fighters after the bout was clear for all to see.


Perhaps boxing embodies sportsmanship in this way best of all, as two trained pugilists for a number of rounds try to do serious damage to one another, only in most cases to afterwards shake hands and show each other nothing but respect.

This was certainly the case last night in Manchester after Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg’s world super bantamweight unification fight, that saw Frampton win a split decision after twelve rounds.

After the fight IFL TV captured a very cool moment between the two that showed Frampton exchanging some kind words with Quigg, along with an interesting few seconds with football star Wayne Rooney, where it appeared Rooney joked to Frampton for letting him down on a bet only for Frampton to joke back:

“Ah sorry man you have plenty of dough anyway, you’re alright.”

A golden moment captured by Kugan Cassius of IFL TV:

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