Guillermo Rigondeaux Stripped Of Ring Magazine Belt

‘El Chacal’ next fights on March 12th in Liverpool against James Dickens.


Guillermo Rigondeaux (16-0-10KO) has been formally relieved of his Ring Magazine super-bantamweight title. The folks at the magazine admittedly said the decision was a “tough one”.

The prestigious publication only gives their belt to certain active fighters, who they feel are the very best in the world in their given weight class in which they compete in.

They felt that Rigondeaux has not been active enough against top tier competition on a regular basis, stating it has been “close to three years” since ‘Rigo’ has defended his title against a top 5 challenger, going well beyond their usual time limit of doing so every 18 months.

Their decision was also influenced by the Cuban’s choice of opponent next up, saying on their website, “James Dickens? Seriously? Rigo couldn’t have come up with an opponent we’ve at least heard of?“.

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