Boxing Manager Issues Challenge To Professional Boxers Across The World

In an unprecedented move, boxing manager and owner of AC Sports Management, Adrian Clark, has issued a challenge to professional boxers all over the world in the form of a free legal document: The Boxer-Manager Agreement, which allows professional fighters to contract the services of their managers.


Typically, in boxing, the manager has the boxer under contract for a minimum of three years. The Boxer-Manager Agreement clarifies the role and duties of the manager, giving both parties the opportunity to evaluate one another fairly and to ensure the boxer is in the executive position. Clark said:

“I want guys to develop a mindset of a CEO because that’s what they are. They must understand what it is to be in a position of power and able to call shots and make tough executive decisions in their careers.”

Clark’s main concern is that many boxers may be working as if they are the subordinate, unlike other executives:

“Name me one CEO that is under contract to his spokesperson, or to anyone he is paying.

Clark, currently in his sixth year of boxing management, has been selected as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 (Sports) for 2016. He has just released his first book, titled “i: A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs,” available from Amazon.

Clarke concluded by saying:

“As a business owner, I do what makes sense in regards to business. I have been in the boxing business long enough to see that the common boxer-manager arrangement does not make sense. I’d like to think this document is a game-changer in the sport of boxing for the athletes. It is now up to the athletes to exercise this agreement and be in more control of their careers and who is representing them.”

The Boxer-Manager Agreement is available for download on Clark’s website (, free of charge. Clark has recorded a video there encouraging fighters to download the document. He also urges them to further educate themselves on the business they are in.

A graduate of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Clark currently manages seven clients, including former world title challenger Jerry Belmontes, former IBO World champion Will Tomlinson, and James de la Rosa, who has a March 12 showdown with David Lemieux in Montreal, Quebec. At age 25, Clark was certified by the National Basketball Players Association as a “Player Agent” (Sports Agent). Clark founded AC Sports Management, LLC, in 2012.

(Image source and credit: @TheAdrianClark twitter account)

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