Mayweather Tells Khan To Fight Kell Brook

He might be retired but Floyd Mayweather has been quite vocal on what he thinks of Amir Khan recently (as has Khan on Mayweather), and what he thinks he should do in his fight career next.


Recently at the WBC welterweight title fight between Danny Garcia and Robert Guerrero, Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan were pictured ringside engaging in some back and forth banter for large portions of the evening, in what was dubbed by some media outlets as a bit of a slagging match on the night.

It would seem that Mayweather is quite content in retirement for the time being, with recent interviews suggesting that he is not making a comeback any time soon.

However speaking on Khan, in an interview with Ben Thompson of Fight Hype, he has told the UK welterweight contender to focus on fighters who are currently active and namely against his main British rival (who he had a nice bit of praise for):

“I think right now for boxing, for the UK fans, Kell Brook and Amir Khan would be a good fight. Kell Brook, he’s a guy that everyone is sleeping on.”

According to latest boxing reports, talks on a possible Brook-Khan summer stadium showdown in the UK appear to be positive once again, with this statement from Mayweather adding more weight to the ever growing demand for the fight.

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