2016 is shaping up to a memorable year for the sport of boxing, let’s take a quick look at what’s in store for the first month of the year.


January is traditionally a quiet time for the sweet science, however professional boxing will see some good, regular action in the first month of this year, in multiple continents.

Compiled via ESPN’s latest schedule of big fight action this month, here’s how this year is shaping up so far, with the first big fight of note featuring WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder on January 16th:

January 2016 Boxing Schedule

As the month progresses, you also have former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye making his long awaited comeback fight in London – following a three and a half year layoff from the sport due to injury:

January 2016 Boxing Schedule
William Hill

In mid to late January, the big fight action will feature a showdown between light-heavyweight destroyer and pound for pound acclaimed Sergey Kovalev:

January 2016 Boxing Schedule

As the month winds down and concludes, the final bit of big time boxing action scheduled so far will see the likes of British super-middleweight contender George Groves return to action, after a torrid 2015:

January 2016 Boxing Schedule

Strap yourself in for what looks to be an exciting January, and indeed year overall for professional boxing.

(Images credit and sources: Barclayscenter.com and Livefight.com)

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