Best Boxing Knockouts Of 2015

Watch: Some Of The Best Boxing Knockouts Of 2015

Published On December 29, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

It’s been one hell of a good year for the sport of boxing, that’s also seen its fair share of spectacularly concussive KO’s.


2015 has been a year that perhaps more so than any, at least in recent memory, which has conclusively proven that the sport of boxing is in a good if not great place, and without doubt, that it has a place to stay in the future of professional sport (and then some).

Besides the wide array of world level talent that has emerged this year, perhaps also indicative of the quality of the year for the sweet science, was some of it’s highlight reel knockouts that it bare witnessed to over the last twelve months.

Be they heavyweight one punch sledgehammers or lighter-weight, more precision based, timed, but equally devastating KO’s, 2015 has had it’s fair mixture of them all.

YouTube channel (hat tip) Alexandrow BoxingVideos have come up with a nice, brief and condensed highlight compilation of some of the year’s most devastating moments in pro boxing.


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