Mayweather Could Be Moving Country, 50th Fight Unlikely

Floyd Mayweather has been ‘retired’ for a few months now, and it looks like the door is currently firmly shut on a return to the ring and going for that elusive 50-0, as things stand at the moment anyway.


In an interview with Radio Rahim of Seconds Out, Mayweather commented that he had been in Dubai recently, and has been giving serious thought to moving out there:

“I’m thinking about moving over to Dubai, doing business over there.”

Floyd also poured cold water over a possible 50th fight, seeming very calm, relaxed and content with life as a retired fighter at present, with much more of a focus on his promotional company nowadays.

Time will tell if the great Mayweather will return or not for a 50th fight, but you’d have to think his competitive edge will tempt him back for one final hurrah to surpass the great Rocky Marciano’s record, of which he is currently tied with (49-0).

That, in terms of legacy, and also potentially another massive pay day too of course. The problem would lay in trying to find a suitable opponent out there that would draw massive interest from the public, in and around his weight class.

Time will tell.

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