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Joshua vs Whyte PPV Buys Apparently Smash It

A look at what the Sky Box Office bonanza might have generated on PPV.


First off, Sky never announce official figures so you never quite know the exact figure so to speak, but based on a few things during the week, I think it’s reasonable to assume a few givens and certainly make a good guess.

Earlier in the week, ESPN reporter Dan Rafael put the following tweet out, to which he caught a bit of flack for from some fans on social media:

Joshua vs Whyte PPV Buys

Dan might have caught some unfair criticism in my view, as only the next day, Matchroom head honcho and sports promoter Eddie Hearn let slip to one fan on Twitter that the real figure was higher than 400,000 buys – with an upward arrow icon indicating as much:

Joshua vs Whyte PPV Buys

Lets say the real figure laid in and around the 450,000 buys mark, that’s quite the performance for an event going into it that was thought to do around the 200,000 buys tally, also for a show that was headlined by two men who were not fighting for a world title.

Alas, the fight turned out to be brilliantly entertaining, with even the most hard nosed of fans it would seem were left satisfied by the night’s boxing.

Considering the event cost £16.95 (GB sterling) for Sky customers if they booked through their remote, or up to £21.95 if booked through the phone, based on 450,000 buys, the pay per view revenue from the event alone (excluding gate receipts, sponsorship, merchandising etc) could have generated in the regions of a cool £7.63 million pounds, or in an around the €10.4 million euro and $11.32 million US dollars mark (approx) based on current exchange rates.

That’s quite the windfall and pre-Christmas pay day for all involved, not including what they would have made at the gate, or in sponsorship or merchandising, too.

Based on the above, it’s clear to see UK boxing is quickly, or has rather, become one of the most lucrative boxing markets in the world, when you really look at the success of the pay per view model.

Hall of Fame promoter and Chairman of Matchroom Sport Barry Hearn said after the event in an interview with Radio Rahim of MaxBoxing:

“Other than a Mayweather and Pacquiao scenario, there’s more money in Europe and particularly in the UK, than there is anywhere else in the world. We now have 12 world champion. I’m very complimentary to US fighters, but we have the best in the world now and we can finance it. We don’t need to go to America anymore, the Americans are going to need to come to us.”

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