Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders Prediction

Active middleweight boxer, Dean Gillen (2-1) gave Boxing News & Views his opinion on this weekend’s tantalising world title clash between Andy Lee (34-2-1) and Billy Joe Saunders (22-0) with Lee’s WBO World middleweight honours on the line.


It’s been a long time coming but thankfully the Saunders v Lee fight is finally on and I can’t wait for this one! I’m not going to lie, I am a big fan of Billy Joe but this won’t cloud my judgement…Lee’s gone in one!!

Ok, in all seriousness, that’s not likely as Lee is a tough man that can also bang so Saunders will be cautious. Looking at the two fighters’ styles and attributes, I genuinely think this fight will pan out very similar to the Eubank Jr. fight for Saunders.

Billy Joe’s a better boxer and moves very well. The early rounds are where Saunders is strong and fast, so he should control these rounds, whereas the Irishman likes to come on strong in the latter part of the fight.

(Lee vs Saunders pre-fight ‘Head to Head’ via BoxNation)

Assuming Saunders hasn’t solved the stamina issues he’s struggled with in previous fights, he will have to build a significant points lead in the early rounds if he’s to triumph. If Saunders’ engine has been addressed, then it’s feasible to foresee Billy Joe comprehensively out-boxing Lee to win on points.

Lee will be in this fight, trading leather and trying to push the pace from the opening bell. Well, that’s what I would be trying to do, unlike Eubank Jr. whose inexperience allowed Saunders to set the pace.

Maybe, when you’re in there with Billy Joe, his movement and ring craft doesn’t allow you to dictate anything.

It’s easy commenting from the safety of a sofa, but likewise I know how difficult it is to apply and adapt a game plan. It’s easy knowing what you need to do, but doing it is a whole different story!

Andy Lee will have to throw combinations while pushing forward in order to combat Billy Joe’s constant and clever movement. Angles and movement will be important for Lee also, ensuring he cuts the ring off to prevent Saunders slipping in and out.

Ultimately, I believe Billy Joe will remain unbeaten and the UK will gain it’s 12th world champion, which will be the perfect end to an exciting year for British boxing.

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