WATCH: Stunning Clip Shows Tony Bellew KO Michael B Jordan

Tony ‘Bomber’ Bellew returns to action this weekend live on Sky Box Office, but an incredible video has emerged online via renowned actor Sylvester Stallone on Twitter – relating to the Liverpool man and an acting colleague of his.


Many will remember earlier this year that Bellew was away on acting duties for the first time in his life, when he appeared in a major role in the popular movie Creed.

The movie was based around a continuation of the iconic Rocky series, with leading actor Michael B Jordan playing the part of the son of former Rocky movie character Apollo Creed.

Bellew was pitted as Jordan’s main pugilistic rival in the blockbuster, but fans perhaps didn’t realise just how serious the cruiserweight contender and indeed his Hollywood counterpart Jordan, were taking their roles.

That is until today.

Sylvester Stallone released this footage a short time ago that shows the two on set during a boxing exchange, which shall we say, got a bit more real than most would have thought could on an acting set:

Fortunately for Jordan however, he got back up afterwards according to Sly:

Tony Bellew KO Michael B Jordan

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