WATCH: Mayweather Brings Russian Fan To Tears

He comes in for a lot of flack from some people every now and then, but we came across this heart warming moment featuring Floyd Mayweather in Russia recently, showing just exactly why he is one of the good guys when it comes to his fans, as Floyd Mayweather brings a young Russian fan to tears with a gesture of kindness.


On a recent trip to Russia, Floyd Mayweather met a number of his Russian fans in different meet and greet events/functions, with one in particular meet been a very memorable one, for one lucky fan.

A young fan presented Mayweather with a painting of the former pound for pound king, that the young fan’s grandfather had painted, to which Floyd Mayweather signed accordingly when

Perhaps a simple thing to most, but the signing of the picture that carried such emotional weight for the young fan, brought him to tears.

If you ever need a depiction of the power of sport and sportsman, look no further than this video (hat tip to the Laugh Daily YouTube account for the upload):

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