WATCH: Jacobs 1st Round TKO of Quillin

In what was dubbed ‘The Battle of Brooklyn’ in New York, Daniel Jacobs to the surprise of many went through Peter ‘Kid Chocolate’ Quillin in the very first round.


The fight was touted as a highly competitive one beforehand, but it never got a chance to really get going in the end, due to the early typhoon of shots hurled by Jacobs.

Paulie Malinaggi mentioned in the commentary that Jacobs “rumbled” Quillin with an accumulation of combinations, not giving Quillin a chance to return fire due to the huge output of punches coming his way, where Jacobs essentially kept throwing and throwing until the referee stopped the action.

Some claimed the fight was stopped a tad prematurely, however we’ll let you decide. Hat tip to the folks at Showtime who uploaded this clip on YouTube that captured the moment the contest came to a halt:

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