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A lavish gift that us mere mortals can only imagine…


Despite being currently retired for a number of months now, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has been in the news quite a bit recently, with his latest feature pertaining to a rather out of the ordinary gift, an exotic pet even.

In his latest splashing of the cash, the former pound for pound boxing great has acquired a new pet tiger on a trip to Russia, and posted the following snap and statement on his personal Instagram account:

For the slightly older fight fans out there, many will recall another well known world champion boxer of his time making a similar pet addition back in the day.

money 2

Mike Tyson was a fan of his exotic pets, too, all be it his tiger was a bit more menacing looking to be fair:

mayweather gets a tiger

Is Floyd Mayweather following in the footsteps of ‘Iron’ Mike, or does he just like his feline friends on the larger side, as opposed to the standard domestic cat?

Who knows, but we salute him!

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