MGM Scotland Debut Show A Big Success

MGM Scotland Debut Show A Big Success

MGM Scotland Debut Show
Image credit: Matthew Macklin

Representatives of MGM Scotland could hold their heads high, after last Friday night.


Admittedly, the presence of several journeymen made the outcomes rather inevitable. Having said that none of the losing parties adopted spoiler tactics.

Gomez who was a combatant in the opening bout refused to be a lamb sent to the slaughter. Instead, he pounded Forsyth with left hooks at every opportunity, particularly in rounds 2 and 3. At one point I was sure Forsyth was going down, however this was not the case, so fair play to him for displaying resilience.

Likewise Mckenna did not lay down for unbeaten prospect David Brophy in the main event either. Even Billy Nelson commended the Englishman for his ruggedness. Praise from the tough Scotsman is certainly well-earned owing to the high standards expected by him.

Gary Murray secured a knock-down in the penultimate round of his encounter with the durable Warburton. Murray’s aggressiveness will have earned himself some new fans but his lateral movement also impressed especially when closing out the fight.

For a young man his ring intelligence is something to be admired. He now sits on a 5-0 streak and can perhaps work towards engaging in a 6 round fight by the fall. Young Kerr also made light work of his opponent. On two occasions Trizano looked like he was ready to bite the dust but he stuck it out.

Kerr maintained a hectic pace throughout the twelve minutes hitting hard combination in the process, so he has a good base to build upon moving forward.

Performance of the night goes to John Thain of Edinburgh. John’s work-rate was something to behold. He frequently doubled up his jab and his opponent had no ample remedy for it, besides holding.

Jenkinson seldom landed anything of note. Even in the clinch, John proved to be a difficult target. ‘”After nine months out, I was just delighted to return to a boxing ring. I knew Chris would bring the best out of me as it has been proven before, so right now I’m a happy man.

Going forward I plan on making the most out of every opportunity I’m afforded. And with the team I have in place now, great progress is certainly in my grasp.” The future looks bright for Thain, next up should be an eight rounder against sterner opposition.

But I feel he could be in contention for a serious title by the climax of 2016, as long as he continues to fully embrace the boxing lifestyle. Notably he was not present at the after-party which is admirable in my view; professional boxers should not need to ‘blow off steam’ after every fight they have because it can be rather counter-productive.

His clean lifestyle will extend his career as well as maintaining absolute focus on the bread and butter.

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