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Mayweather Wins Bet On Tyson Fury Win Over Klitschko

by Niall Doran


As the boxing and sports world continues to soak up the new reality that the UK’s Tyson Fury is now the number one heavyweight on the planet, it has emerged one man who did predict he would win against all the odds was none other than Floyd Mayweather.


Most were writing Fury off going into the fight, with the far more experienced and proven Klitschko been a big favourite with bookmakers, fans and pundits alike.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is known for laying down big bets, although he usually tends to stick to the basketball and American football markets for the most part and if he does usually bet on a fight, it’s fairly rare.

However as reported by the guys at Fight Hype, Floyd Mayweather put down a wager on the Manchester native before last weekend’s event in Germany, and here’s his winning ticket for proof:

Mayweather Wins Bet On Tyson Fury

Ever the shrewd businessman and operator, Mayweather obviously did his homework beforehand where others wrote the Englishman off.

Despite saying in the past that he rarely watches boxing in his spare time outside of fighters (formerly) in his division when he was an active boxer, it’s clear to see that Floyd Mayweather keeps up with latest happenings in the boxing landscape, to make such a quality call as above.

Time will tell if the money man decides to make his own return to the ring in 2016.

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