Frampton Says He Will Bamboozle Quigg With Boxing Skill

The first of a three city media tour got underway today in London for a fight over three years in the making.


Today’s press conference had a mutual feeling of respect prevailing throughout from both camps initially, which ended up going out the window a bit as the presser unfolded.

Eddie Hearn mentioned that the fight was eventually brought about by a lot of “patience” between himself and Jake and Blake McGuigan from Cyclone Promotions, with Barry McGuigan saying he took a back seat in the negotiations.

Hearn went on to say how “desperate” their camp are to win this fight, with team Frampton expressing equal passion.

Barry McGuigan had a beautiful quote at one point:

“Sport is like a religion. This is going to be a really great event.”

Scott Quigg head trainer Joe Gallagher mentioned:

“I believe in Scott Quigg’s punching ability, this will be an easier fight than people think.”

Shane McGuigan, trainer to Frampton said:

“Carl’s a much more complete fighter than Scott Quigg.”

Mind games it could be said got underway today, with IBF champion Frampton questioning Quigg’s draw power, ticket selling ability, and how he will react on the night as a home fighter and potentially getting booed:

“I’m not trying to put the lad down or anything but he doesn’t sell tickets. He’s not a huge draw, I’ll have more people in the arena. I don’t know what it’s going to be like for him in Manchester to be standing on the ramp, getting booed and getting a worst reception than me.”

Quigg joked back, in reference to a previous statement where Frampton had said he couldn’t sell chips:

“The chipper is busy at the moment!”

Frampton mentioned that he always performance best under pressure and when asked by Sky Sports Adam Smith on whether or not he thinks he can knock Quigg out, Frampton confidently replied:

“I think I can knock him out, I think I probably will late on. But I think I’m just going to bamboozle him with boxing skill.”

Whatever the case is, this fight is sure as hell going to sell, and the hype is well and truly commenced. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning.

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