Mayweather Makes It Rain With Team Of Strippers

The money man hasn’t been retired that long, but he’s not lost any of his in your face swagger, that’s for sure.


In recent days Floyd Mayweather has refreshingly dished out some candid words for former protege Adrien Broner, regarding his less than stellar work ethic in recent times towards his boxing career.

Mayweather has done the rounds in the media as of late too, and to his credit, has been firm on his position of staying retired – with not even a shred of interest expressed in coming back for one more fight, it would seem.

Whether that stays the same remains to be seen, though.

Outside of the boxing ring, he’s been doing what he does best, and what he’s become known for outside the ring over the years, as pertaining to his almost heroic ability to party (without indulging in alcohol etc):

mayweather makes it rain

His latest party saw him staying up past 5am and posting a raunchy video on of him and a team of half naked dancers, with lots of money flying around.

What can you say really, it’s typical ‘Money’ Mayweather, perpetuating his nickname and mantra even after retirement. Here’s the clip of Mayweather making it rain:

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