Explosive: Callum Smith vs Fielding Full Fight

The battle of Liverpool between two of the city’s brightest fighting prospects was decided in conclusive fashion.


There’s no denying after this fight, that Callum Smith is a very, very special boxing talent.

Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding’s clash was billed as ‘Who’s fooling who?’ – with the answer to that question been given via powerful multi-fist’ed attacks by Smith.

The fight was done in the very first round. Shortly after the first bell ringing Smith opened up a heavy right hand on Fielding, who wanted to stand and trade with Smith, which brought about a swift end.

Fielding bravely got back up from the first knockdown and showed massive courage to come back at Smith with a flurry but it ended up costing him, as he walked into a heavy right hand to the temple that knocked him down a second time, badly hurting him.

Still, he rose to his feet somehow, but the writing was on the wall.

Smith closed the show with a devastating combination of left hooks and right hands while Fielding was on the ropes, causing the third and final knockdown with Fielding in a heap on the floor, prompting the referee to call halt to proceedings before the end of the first round.

Smith put his stamp on the fight right from the get go, and never let the momentum up on Fielding. It’s easy to see why many are saying Callum Smith is going all the way to very the top.

In case you missed the action, here’s the Smith vs Fielding full fight:

(Image credit: BPI/Rex Shutterstock)

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