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Mayweather Appears In Dead Presidents Halloween Costume

The instant traction online this story has garnered almost speaks for itself


Despite being currently retired, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is still apparently hell bent on promoting his money mantra, which from a boxing sense will lead cynics like this boxing writer to believe even more that this is just the latest stunt in promotion for a comeback, or at least some sort of entertainment appearance.

He posted a picture on his Facebook account a short time ago of him appearing to be dressed up as fictional movie character (above) with a short, simple, but profound statement in a sense, saying:


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he’s getting at, with the obvious point to money and the faces of the presidents on his homeland’s currency and to a certain movie, of course. Totally get that, and it’s quite a good costume, in fact.

What perhaps is more concerning though, was his next picture posted on social media shortly after that with him posing with a gun, especially given America’s recent tragedies with gun crime – surely not helped by the statement:

“I hit the target 49 times #Sniper #SharpShooter.”

Mayweather Makes Bold Cultural Statement

Some may say this is just a harmless Halloween costume/marketing ploy which I get, but perhaps given the current climate, gun costumes should be considered more by well known public figures such as Floyd, given what has gone on recently in the States.

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