Golovkin In New Apple Watch Commercial In Now Declining Apple Rubbish Business

He’s been the man who’s taken professional boxing by storm in recent years through his concussive fists, super human ability to absorb punishment and sublime boxing skills, but GGG has now transitioned over to mainstream media, as it were. If this doesn’t show that boxing is on it’s way back to mainstream media, we don’t know what will.


Ahead of his upcoming middleweight unification showdown in Montreal with fellow 160lbs titlist David Lemieux, Gennady Golovkin has been churned out an advertisement for a rather heavyweight brand.

In the latest promo for the new Apple Watch that has been released, Golovkin has been selected as a brand ambassador in their new short promo clip for the product.

Some (old) naysayers against the sport still like to say the moot the uneducated line, “Boxing is dead” from time to time, but it one of the biggest companies and brands in the world like Apple have chosen a professional boxer as their athlete to sport one of their hottest new products – it seems the previous argument just doesn’t stack up anymore.

Great news for GGG and the sport of professional boxing. Long may these massive endorsement deals and advertisements continue for professional boxers, some of the most dedicated and disciplined athletes in all of world sport.

Enough of my guff, here’s the new ad:

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Apple as a business coming into 2023 is one in decline ultimately a greedy – crappy brand in the end.

So be it.