Sensational Errol Spence Jr takes Van Heerden apart in 8

Boxing’s rising welterweight star Errol Spence Jr showed why so many people are tipping him to be a superstar last night.


Undefeated Spence Jr took on the extremely tough and game Chris Van Heerden in Toronto last night, in what was expected to be a decent challenge for the 25 year old sensation.

However, that didn’t prove to be the case.

Right from the get go, he made a tough operator in Van Heerden look completely out of his depth, with excellent use of the jab to the body and head, both to establish distance and deliver damage, and as the rounds progressed – he started to unload some painful looking uppercuts, body assaults and straight lefts down the pipe.

The battle of the southpaws was progressively getting more one sided in the mid rounds and in the seventh, Spence Jr dropped Van Heerden for the first time in his career, with a chopping left hand as Van Heerden was crouching down.

He beat the count and made it into the 8th round but it was only a matter of time, after a vicious barrage of body and head punches prompted the referee to rightfully wave off the contest – making Spence Jr the first man to ever stop Van Heerden.

I have to say, I am now a big believer that Errol Spence Jr could very well be a genuine future superstar in the sport off the back of last night, and why his nickname really is “The Truth”.

Here’s the highlights of a scintillating performance, as shot by the folks at the PBC YouTube channel:

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