Mayweather vs Berto All Access Episode 2

One week out from the pound for pound number one’s final fight in the sport of boxing, the latest ‘All Access’ episode has been released in the run up to next Saturday.


The episode starts off with some of the usual bluster and trash talk that we’ve come to get used to over the years from the welterweight king, but as the episode unfolds, some interesting information is shared on Andre Berto.

Berto’s courage and bravery is really conveyed in one particular fight in recent years, where he essentially fought with one arm for the best part of 11 rounds after suffering  a horrendous injury to his right shoulder, which would have stopped most boxers from continuing in a fight much earlier.

Although he went on to lose that fight, it really showed the metal that this man is made of. Floyd Mayweather would not want to be taking him lightly.

The episode also shows different sides to the Mayweather gym which is featured heavily in the episode, from young fighters coming through trying to impress Mayweather in sparring, to an annual get together the owner of the gym holds every year to give back to kids in the area before they start school.

Here’s the full episode:

(Video credit: Shosports YouTube)

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